Custom Publisher Formats

Custom formats developed for specific publishers.  If you are a publisher and would like Sizmek to develop a custom format, please reach out to

For a list of our newest and most flexible Featured Formats click here.


HTML5 Floor Ad

Floor Ad is an HTML5 which functions similar to an Adhesion unit that may expand


HTML5 Footnote

The HTML5 Footnote format is an auto-initiated expandable/float with animation, which is anchored to the bottom of the page that resolves to a small leave-behind. The leave-behind is anchored to the bottom right of the page.


HTML5 Full-Screen Video Spread

The HTML5 Full-Screen Video Spread is an auto-expanding video format that expands from a 300×600 banner to provide a full-screen video experience on desktop browsers and tablet devices.


HTML5 Sidekick

300×250 or 300×600 which pushes content aside.


HTML5 Videowall with Leave Behind

The HTML5 Videowall With Leave Behind is an ad format containing a full-window panel with a lightbox effect, as well as a leave behind that stays aligned to the bottom right corner of the window. The fullscreen panel with lightbox effect contains a video. The auto-expanded panel will auto-collapse after a user-defined timeout length.

Pandora Responsive Banner

The Pandora Responsive Banner is a responsive format that dynamically chooses the ad’s banner size based on the available space within the Pandora app.