Legacy Formats

Legacy formats are available to download and use, however they should be used with caution and generally do not support modern browsers and devices and in some cases, cannot be fixed by Support. A link to a recommended alternative based on a newer format is provided along with steps to customize. The key benefits of upgrading comprise of better functionality and support across the latest browser versions as well as ensuring you have our latest and greatest formats when it comes time to sunset the older iterations.

Check out our featured formats here.

Butterfly Format


The Butterfly features a small branded element which follows the user’s scrolling actions. Upon user tap, a 320×416 panel slides in from the top right providing additional rich media content. It initially shows a 220 x 220 Trigger Banner on the bottom-right corner, as illustrated to the right in portrait orientation. It is served to a 110 x 110 placement.

Cascade Format


Filmstrip-like in-banner animation with an expandable flip book transition to provide the user additional content, such as a Video Player, an Image Gallery, or a Social Media, to be displayed simultaneously.

HTML5 Billboard or Header

HTML5 Billboard

The HTML5 Billboard is an interactive expandable banner. It includes two panels, the large billboard panel and the small leave-behind panel. The billboard can be set to remember the last panel the user viewed and show that panel again the next time the user sees the ad.

HTML5 Collage Format

HTML5 Collage

300×600 which expands to 910×600, showing related images in the expand panel as the user rolls over it.

HTML5 Custom Header

Similar to Responsive Billboard but offers an additional breakpoint setting for large monitors.


HTML5 Filmstrip

A Scrolling, multi-panel ad which provides a content-rich, interactive canvas with consistent behaviors that keep the viewer firmly in control. 300×600 Desktop/Tablet and 320×50 Mobile Expandable versions of the Filmstrip are available.

HTML5 Flip Ad

HTML5 Flip Ad

User-initiated Flip Ad expands to reveal two rows of three separate areas of ad content.

Hockey Stick Format

HTML5 Hockeystick

Hockey stick is a format which uses two banners placed above and to the right of the body content, which are fused together and utilizes a synched animation between units.

Outstream Pushdown

HTML5 Out-stream Pushdown

The Out-stream Pushdown is a responsive unit can push-down page content and play auto-video. Mobile and desktop will display different panels.

Page Skin

HTML5 Page Skin

The HTML5 Page Skin format is the definitive HTML5 format to use when adding Wallpaper content to a publisher’s page. There are two different templates for dynamically updating skins around the page content—static and responsive.

HTML5 Responsive Expandable

The Responsive Expandable format is designed for ease of use by creative developers – so you don’t have to ‘code through hoops’ to make your execution work responsively – you can use typical responsive style and script like media queries or fluid design. Instead, the responsive behavior of the unit is fully customizable for responsive behavior at the platform level via the ad setup.

Responsive Full Screen

HTML5 Responsive Full Screen

The HTML5 Responsive Full Screen is a format that expands to reveal a full screen, responsive environment for hosting image and video galleries as well as brand messaging. It is a one tag solution designed to fit within any screen or any device across desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.

Responsive Rich Banner

HTML5 Responsive Rich Banner

Banner is similar to a responsive Billboard that doesn’t collapse.

HTML5 Responsive Skin

The HTML5 Responsive Skin is a format which dynamically updates the skin around page content. The format changes the skin dimension according to content dimension. When the page content is larger, a larger skin will be used and likewise, a smaller skin will be used when the page content is smaller.

Responsive Video Wall

HTML5 Responsive Videowall Expandable

The HTML5 Responsive Videowall Expandable is a format that expands to reveal a full screen, responsive environment for hosting image and video galleries as well as brand messaging. It is a one tag solution designed to fit within any screen or any device across desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers. The format will resize itself based on available space and provide the best experience even as the browser resizes or as a user rotates their mobile device from portrait to landscape mode.

Scroll Over

HTML5 Scroll Over

Mobile ad which slides over page content on user scroll.

Stock Image

HTML5 Sitebar

The HTML5 Sitebar creates an ad experience where the expanded panel fills the empty (gutter) space to the right of the publisher’s page content.

Hockey Stick Format

HTML5 Video Hockeystick

The HTML5 Video Hockeystick is an interactive expandable banner. It features an 800×600 panel that expands behind page content. When the user clicks or rolls over the panel, it comes in front of page content and plays the video from the beginning.
The ad includes a video and a close button, as well as a clickthrough area. The template can be customized and extended to include a wide array of interactive features.

HTML5 Video Takeover

The HTML5 Video Takeover ad format expands to the full size of the screen on mobile devices, tablets and desktop browsers. The ad contains a video that is resized to maximum available width and height by maintaining the video aspect ratio and does not stretch the video. The background contains a light box like semi transparent background that covers to browser width and height. On the top of ad there is logo on left, Clickthrough button in center and close button on right. The top button always resizes depending on the video container width.

Full Page Flex

IAB Mobile Full Page Flex

Safe zone for live content such as logos, copy and video, with oversized background for seamless experience on different orientations.

Pull Format

IAB Mobile Pull

The IAB Mobile Pull format is one of the IAB’s Mobile Rising Stars and is released for the mobile web only (not for applications or desktop browsers).

Slider Format

IAB Slider

The IAB Slider format allows the user to use the slide bar to move page content to the left, revealing additional ad content.

Media Gallery

Media Gallery

The HTML5 Swipe Gallery format enables a user to navigate through a series of images or videos by either swiping left or right on an image, or by tapping on the navigation arrows. Each image has its own customizable caption, as well as an individual Clickthrough. As you reach the end of the gallery and continue to swipe in the same direction, you’ll wrap around to the beginning of the gallery.


Reactive Gallery

The Reactive Creative is a turnkey solution that displays modular multimedia gallery content. On desktop it displays as a lightbox unit, and on mobile as a full-screen unit.

Responsive Pushdown

Responsive Pushdown

The Responsive Pushdown is a full-width, expandable ad with dynamic height and configurable break points so content may be rearranged and modified as the size of the browser grows and shrinks. By default, the format has four breakpoints.



This ad format is an in-page that slides the publisher page content as it expands.