HTML5 Responsive Billboard

Technology: HTML5

Creative Production Tools: HTML5 Workspaces

What's New?

Last Updated: April 26, 2017

  • Updated format to offer a fully “liquid” or “domain configurable” solution. This allows one tag to be served across different domains where Certification and Support can use the “Domain Settings Admin Tool” to change custom variables, JavaScript and CSS on specific domains so a single tag can work everywhere as expected. (Note: This has previously been referred to as a “programmatic” solution, but is more appropriate for PMPs and smaller networks that have been certified with Sizmek).
  • Fully Optimized Viewability Solution so that it will use the panel that is currently visible (e.g. Billboard panel or Leave Behind)
  • Support for Adkit and allowing you to include DCO elements within your ad amongst other benefits
  • Added support for local previews so you can view individual panels locally on your PC without having to generate an ad
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