Introducing our Liquid formats

By working with our Certifications team to implement Liquid domain-level intelligence to your formats, you’ll be able to scale one creative effortlessly across endless Sizmek-certified properties. This is accomplished by determining the domain at run time and configuring ad settings. When paired with our industry-leading capabilities and features such as DCO, cross-channel and other cutting-edge technology, the result is less formats to do more with your creative.

Adhesion Format


The Adhesion unit is user-initiated to expandable banner adhering to the bottom that may scale to a fixed width or full width.

Billboard Format


The Billboard (formerly the HTML5 Responsive Billboard) format is a responsive, high-impact unit which grabs the users’ attention as soon as they arrive at the page.

Deluxe Banner

The Deluxe Banner (formerly the HTML5 Responsive Rich Media Banner) is a rich banner that is able to resize responsively or adaptively to fill the available space. The format also supports using one fixed size for ad placements that do not change size.

Deluxe Expandable

The Deluxe Expandable provides a robust foundation for any campaign that requires an expand. This all-in-one template allows you to customize the Deluxe Expandable to behave as a traditional expandable, or with easy platform customizations you can set a panel to behave like a pushdown.

HTML5 Expandable Banner Format

Expandable Banner

Expandable Banner is a base format allowing for one or more panels.

Immersive Skin

Immersive Takeover

A home-page takeover format that has a header and optional gutters, background panel and controller (for videowall template only). Can also inject the background directly as a publisher element or style.

In-stream Gallery

In-Stream Gallery

The HTML5 In-Stream Gallery format is designed to enable rapid, configurable deployment of multiple Image and Video Galleries, with little to no coding required.

In-Stream Video Interactive

In-Stream Video Interactive

The HTML5 VPAID Template is designed for building ads that are served with Sizmek HTML5 VPAID ads. It contains all the necessary assets for the developer to produce interactive HTML5 VPAID compatible ads.

In-Stream Video Responsive

In-Stream Video Responsive

The HTML5 VPAID Responsive Template is designed to simplify to help you build interactive video experiences in an omni-screen world. HTML5 VPAID can be run across and a large variety of screen sizes – from full-screen desktop, to inline video within a mobile device. It’s important to make sure that the integrity of the interactive experience is preserved across a variety of screen sizes. The HTML5 VPAID Responsive Template provides the necessary elements that allow you to manage and control responsive behavior of individual assets and overlays within your interactive video ad with ease.

In-Stream Video Selector

The Video Selector is an In-Stream linear ad format that plays in VPAID-compliant video players. The ad displays 2 – 6 thumbnails to play their respective videos. If there is no user interaction after a set duration of time, then a random thumbnail will be selected and that video will be played.

Interstitial Format


The Interstitial format expands from a 1×1 to a a full-screen unit.

Page Peel

The Page Peel displays an animated folded page corner as a leave-behind in a viewport corner that can be clicked to display a full-screen expandable.

Parallax Reveal

Parallax Reveal

The Parallax Reveal is a responsive full-width unit that can optionally display parallax content in the foreground, against a fixed background that can appear ‘behind’ the ad.

Reactive Pushcown Format


Responsive pushdown that can also be customized to instead expand to overlap content, and expand or pushdown fullscreen.

HTML5 Polite Banner Format

Rich Media Banner

Formerly known as the HTML5 Polite Banner, the Rich Media Banner is a polite banner which allows video and other rich content to load.

Scroll Reveal Format

Scroll Reveal

Scrolls into view and when centered can display the ad fullscreen as fixed background, until the user scrolls past the ad.

Simple Skin

The Simple Skin is a leaner, simpler derivative of our Immersive Takeover format. It allows you to set your creative as a header, gutters, or background of a site including any combinations of those components. This allows you to create unique templates (like the legacy fireplace or hockey-stick) in a responsive format that frees you up to focus on design & experience.

Single Panel Expandable Format

Single Expandable

Single Expandable base format is built using a single page architecture, with both banner and panel markup contained in a single html file.

HTML5 Standard

Standard Banner

A standard banner which loads an image and plays an animation

Sticky Scroller Format

Sticky Scroller

The Sticky Scroller (Formerly the Adhesion Scroller) is an adhesion format where the panel can present as a banner, and then once out of a particular visibility adhere to a set position within the viewport. The video template has seamless transition that does not disrupt video playback, when transitioning from banner to sticky panel state.

Vertical Video

Vertical Video

The Vertical Video (formerly the Vertical Videostitial) is a full-screen format with optionally responsive banner that allows a user to apply platform customizations to the video experience depending upon device orientation.

Video Expandable

The Video Expandable (formerly the HTML5 Programmatic Video Expandable) is an expandable unit that displays video content, with elements that can be customized using DCO, additional assets and the liquid tool.