Enable turn-key rich engagement drivers across authoring solution and skill set. These prepackaged engagement boosters can add relevancy, education or just fun to any execution.

360 Image Viewer

360° Viewer

The 360° Viewer is an immersive experience that allows 360° images and videos to be viewed and navigated in a banner or full-screen environment.

3D Product Viewer

The 3D Product Viewer feature takes a sequence of images and creates an image that can be rotated 360 degrees around its axis. The 3D Product Viewer works on both desktop and mobile, using both touch and mouse events to rotate the object.


The Sizmek Accelerometer Feature takes advantage of the device orientation hardware, or accelerometer, found in smart devices and allows developers to manipulate HTML elements within their creative using the data provided by this hardware. This includes alpha (compass direction or movement on the y axis), beta (movement on the x axis) and gamma (movement on the z axis).


The AirPlay code snippet enables you to add AirPlay support to your Rich Media ads with video.

Background Dimmer

Background Dimmer

The Background Dimmer Ad Feature feature allows you dim the web page surrounding the ad, which direct the user’s attention to your ad and can enhance engagement. Whether the user is on a desktop browser or mobile device, the surrounding mask will be full screen. You can specify the color, opacity and fade time of the background dimmer.

Cross Slider

With the Cross Slider Feature, users can choose between preferred creatives, thereby allowing creative developers to build a multi-faceted ad to captivate different users based upon their preferences; this results in personalised engagement with a brand. The Cross-Slider Feature that lets you slide between two divs (this can be any HTML content) using a draggable or tiltable (on devices with accelerometer) arrow. The slider can go in a single direction, left-right (horizontal option) or top-bottom (vertical option) and if the user does not interact with the unit after a customizable duration, then the teaser animation can replay, or other animated effects can replay.

Cue Points

The Sizmek Cue Points Feature enables you to listen specific points in a video and trigger functionality at just the right time…every time. From syncing text & animation with video content, to showing & hiding overlays, or even firing custom tracking beyond the usual quartiles, cue points allows you to do it all.

Dynamic Creative Template

Dynamic Creative Templates

Sizmek’s Dynamic Creative allows advertisers to run personalized multi-market prospecting and retargeting campaigns. The ready-to-use Dynamic Creative Templates help make this more accessible to creative agencies who are taking their initial steps into Dynamic Creative, and are happy to use a pre-defined template to get them started. They can also be used by Trading Desks and other advertisers who want to use Dynamic Creative, but don’t have the benefit of a Creative Shop or Flash Developer.


The Sizmek Geo Data Ad Feature demonstrates how to access geolocation data made available through the EB.API and how to use that data with Gizmo location services. The four API data points are Country Code, Region Code, City Code and Zip Code. By passing these codes to one of the three Gizmo location services, developers can retrieve a wide array of location data. With this data, clients can create customized and targeted marketing campaigns that more effectively reach their audience.

HTML5 Autoplay

The HTML5 Autoplay Ad Feature allows you to bypass mobile device restrictions and automatically play your video by replacing it with a sprite image sequence. This image sequence can then simulate the inline video experience seen on desktop environments.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

The Image Gallery Feature feature lets you navigate through the images by using the build-in navigation icon or using your finger swiping on the touch screen devices. Our Image Gallery come with three different flavors. The fixed size, auto size, and the fullscreen. The fixed size provides fixed size of image gallery, all the images in the gallery are scaled to fit in the gallery. The auto size scale the gallery size based on the maximum width and maximum height of the images in the gallery. The fullscreen version will take the browser width and height as the gallery size.

Insight Feature


The In-Sight ad feature can trigger actions such as animation, video, and dynamic content at the moment an ad comes in sight in the browser. These actions are triggered on a percentage-based threshold, which is fully customizable. This allows the user to see the full intended experience, regardless of where the ad is placed on the page.

Instagram Feed

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows its users to upload photos and videos to their feed. The Sizmek Instagram Ad Feature allows advertisers to leverage the Instagram API to promote their brand by inserting their feed into their creative.

JS Sync

The JS Sync Ad Feature allows you to communicate and sync between banners and panels that are served on the same publisher page, even across different ads.

Outstream Player

The Sizmek Outstream Player Ad Feature allows advertisers to add a VAST video player to their creative to facilitate the playback of VAST tags. This Ad Feature expands the reach of In-Stream beyond the finite in-player inventory by enabling its use in-page, as well as enabling VAST ads to be used in place of regular video assets where desired, for simplified workflow or enhanced reporting.

Pinterest Feature


The Pinterest Ad Feature allows you to incorporate Pinterest functionality into your ad. This allows users to pin images from your ad to their Pinterest boards. They can then click on the image on their board to go to an advertiser URL.

Scratch and Reveal Feature

Scratch and Reveal

The Scratch and Reveal Feature allows the developer to simulate a scratch effect, letting the user scratch away a top layer to reveal a separate image below.

Social Share

The Social Share Ad Feature allows you to easily add share buttons for the top five social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Tumblr. Each of the two templates (Social Share Panel and Social Share Icons) allow you to share a link and image, where applicable.

Store Locator

The Store Locator feature embeds a MapQuest or Google Maps interface within your creative. Users can interact with the map and use its native controls, such as zoom, pan, toggle map or satellite view, and toggle live traffic conditions. Users can also search for predefined location names within user-provided cities and countries. Please note that this is a premium ad feature and there may be additional costs associated with its use; reach out to your Sizmek account rep for more info.


The Twitter Ad Feature displays the brand’s Twitter account in the banner of any ad. Users can click on links, reply to tweets and re-tweet with just a click of a button.

Video Tracking

Sizmek’s new Video Tracking Feature allows you to easily add Sizmek Video Tracking to any HTML5 creative that uses a video element, without needing to start from a particular “video template” or re-develop the video portions of your code you may already have in place. This guide should provide a complete understanding of how to assign your video asset to the Sizmek Video Module, and by doing so, allow developers to track video interactions, both manually and automatically, for all their video assets.

Note that as this is designed to be added into creative, rather than serve as a starting point, there is no downloadable workspace, but rather there are many code snippets that can be copied/pasted from throughout the guide as needed.



The Weather Ad Feature loads current and future forecasts into your creative. Users can track the weather and change the creative based on the temperature or the weather type. The Weather Ad Feature is based on the HAMweather Aeris API, and works in HTML5 and Flash (AS2 and AS3). The Weather Ad Feature detects the location of the audience and displays weather that is accurate according to their location. Please note that this is a premium ad feature and there may be additional costs associated with its use; reach out to your Sizmek account rep for more info.

YouTube Feature Icon

YouTube Video

The Sizmek YouTube Video Feature allows developers to add a YouTube video to their creative while continuing to track videos interactions such as quartiles, start, pause, mute and duration.